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Panel discussion on Research to augment national malaria elimination goals | ICMR-NIMR

MERA - India Lecture Series

Lecture 01 Keynote Lecture by Prof Adrian Hill

Distinguished Lecture by Professor Sir David Stuart

Malaria Expert Opinions,NUS World Malaria Day

Amit Sharma, Malaria Elimination efforts- challenges ahead

Kevin Baird- Vivax Malaria- Realities and evolving trends

Francois Nosten- Malaria Drug Resistance in south East Asia

Laurent Renia - Malaria Vaccines- Where do we stand?

Kelly Chibale - Malaria in Africa and future beyond Artemisinin

ICMR- NIMR Research Team

Dr. Amit Sharma, Ex-Director, ICMR-NIMR

Dr. O.P. Singh, Scientist G

Dr. Neelima Mishra, Scientist F

Dr. Kailash C Pandey, Scientist E

Dr. Abhinav Sinha, Scientist E

Dr. Himmat Singh, Scientist D

Dr. Rajnikant Dixit, Scientist D

Dr. Vandana Sharma, Assistant Director(OL)

Dr. Ram Das, Scientist C

Dr. CP Yadav, Scientist B

Dr. Raj Kumar Singh,Research Scientist

Sh. Ram Singh Tomar, Senior Technical Officer II

Dr. Harishankar, Technical Officer, ICMR-NIMR

Activities of ICMR-National Institute of Malaria Research, New Delhi

Activities of ICMR-National Institute of Malaria Research (from November-2019 to October-2020)

Activities of ICMR-NIMR
(from 1980 to 1990)

International Women's Day 2021 at ICMR-NIMR

Interview of Dr. Himmat Singh with All India Radio

Interview of Sh. Ram Singh Tomar with All India Radio

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